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Projectsdeal is a academic writing service company based in the UK. The company provides a diverse range of academic writing services for students in higher education, from assisting with essays and coursework to providing expert advice on dissertations and PhD proposal for guaranteed admission. Established in 2001, the company has gained a positive reputation, with many positive feedback showcasing the quality of service provided. Furthermore, with such an expansive range of writing services available, the company is catering to a wide spectrum of students seeking writing assistance for their courses. Proofreading Services.
ProjectsDeal is an excellent dissertation writing service in the UK. With their team of highly qualified writers, you can be confident that your dissertation will be written to the highest standards. Their team of almost 450 writers includes 12 UK-based writers, with 9 having Master's Degrees and 5 with PhDs. They have enough writers to keep up with the demand for dissertations, even during peak periods.


As mentioned, Projectsdeal.co.uk has an impressive range of writing services available. The company specializes in professional dissertation services, assisting with dissertation proposes, introduction, literature review, research design and methodology, data analysis and research results.

Customers can use as much or as little of the service as they require, whether it's just a few parts or the entire dissertation. Given the importance of your dissertation and the difficulties involved in creating one, this service is invaluable for many students looking to get the best grade possible for their academic work.

As many highlight, projectsdeal also provides a variety of other writing services beyond dissertation. For instance, the writers provide writing, editing, and consultation services for university students that require assistance with assignments such as coursework and essays. Whether you are closing in on a deadline and need help with coursework or simply need your coursework proofread by qualified academic writers, ProjectsDeal provides efficient services to accommodate all academic requirements.

Dissertation writing process

  • They help you to select a well-researched topic for your thesis to get a successful completion of the degree.
  • They have a complete team of experts to help you in writing.
  • They help you to satisfy your supervisor with unlimited number of revisions for the writing.
  • You may ask them to provide you an attractive presentation designed in PowerPoint.
  • They also give a live session to discuss the matters in the dissertation with students.
  • Your work will be free of plagiarism and grammar mistakes.
  • They will assist you with customer services from start-up to end of the document.